Do you know your inclination reserve?

With kurvX, the additonal device for your motorcycle, you get to know your personal leeway in curves.

Without distracting your gaze, kurvX supports you improving your lean angle.

kurvX shows you for self-control the maximum inclined angle after every curve.

You can find a summary of all lean angle values from your trips in the no-cost kurvX-app.

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Your lean angle is your safety reserve!

Your speedo shows, how fast you are.
The feedback for your lean angle is missing on the motorcycle.

By increasing the lean angle many accident situations in curves could be prevented.

Most motorcyclists can neither assess their own abilities nor the possibilities and limits of their motorcycle or even reach a lean angle of more than 20°.

It‘s good to be lucky – but it‘s better to be able to!

This is how kurvX works

The super-LEDs signal you while riding the approximation to the predefined lean angle limit.

  • Intermittent flashing: means “space for improvement”, depending on the setting
  • Steady light: the defined warning-angle-limit has been reached

Afterwards kurvX shows you the maximum reached lean angle.

Easy to assemble:

Mount kurvX on the handlebar, connect it to the on-board power supply and download the kurvX-app to your smartphone.

Open the app and connect your kurvX. In the configuration area you can set the brightness of the super-LEDs and your lean angle limit.

Interpreting your cornering

Via bluetooth you connect kurvX to the app, using your smartphone. Start the session-mode. Now your ride will be recorded. Back from your trip stop the session and call up the data as diagram and in tabular form.

Late entrants & returnees

You’re a newbie or returning back after many years of not riding a motorbike …

… right now you should deepen or refresh your basic knowledge. Where’s the end of your comfort zone, where is your limit? The control of the lean angle is the most important thing to gain safety and having more fun riding your motorbike.

Catch your kurvX and get fit!

Pleasure riders & Cruiser

You’re not searching for challenges, but rather the enjoyable experiences.

The relaxing riding on elongated, winding roads with lots of space and a perfect landscape view is your greatest pleasure. Nevertheless, you want to control every situation, even if you have to abandon your comfort zone.

By steady training with kurvX you’ll stay up to date.

Sporty riders

The finishing touch, precision and performance. This is what you care about.

The world’s race tracks are your home, you’re exercising the limit and you are in need to get immediate feedback on your performance. You’re going to the extreme, with yourself and your motorbike, wishing on a feedback – during and after the ride.

kurvX helps you to check your performance – by “knowing” instead of “guessing”!

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